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Indonesian dream-pop influenced ‘Beetleflux’ formed in 2012 and released an EP (2015) and a full album (2016) on Etalase Records. Their sound is a mixture of dream-pop and subtle shoegaze, mainly sounds with a knack of reverb. Currently the band consists of Aulia Nasution, Fahrin Hartias, Teuku Lizam, Zazri Hakam, and Wildan Kwarta

In March 2020, beetleflux released a 2nd EP called ‘Moonstruck’ with the single ‘Glimmer Lights Inside The Cuckoo’s Head’ who features Dara Delila from ‘Moongazing & Her’. Beetleflux released a cover version of MBV’s ‘When You Sleep’ in 2021 and then the 3rd EP ‘Modern Design’ in 2022. The latest release from Beetleflux is a single called ‘A Lullaby For The Tired People’, which is the first song that the band released in a 5 piece formation.


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