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LAS! is a band originating from the city of Pontianak, which is situated in the Indonesian province of West Kalimantan, Borneo. LAS! consists of 3 members; Bob Gloriaus (Guitar, Lead Vocal), Diaz Mraz (Drums) and Cep Kobra (Bass). Their music could be described as early 2000 alternative music with a fusion of Folk and traditional Dayak sound.

Their lyrical messages develop from a world of environmental awareness, political and self activation with the youth and with oneself. With a combination of these elements LAS! are spreading an unified movement, and one can’t help but to listen and be motivated to have a higher perspective at our surroundings and our own actions.

Since 2016 LAS! have released 1 EP ‘Bona Fortuna’, and 4 Singles, ‘Borneo Is Calling’, ’Sentarum’, ’Borneo Spirits, ‘Anak-Anak Revolusi’ They are currently just released a brand new album titled “Kota kecil & rock n’ roll” this year


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