Rosbella Nagatha

Rosbella Nagatha

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Rosbella Nagatha, born in a family passionate about art and music, singing has always been the hobby of a newcomer soloist—Bella. Besides singing, she is also a longtime lover of guitar and poetry. Her passion for writing succeeded to help her produce four personal poetry books. Those foundations put confidence in her to embark on the music industry as a singer, songwriter, as well as composer.

To become a musician is no longer a childhood dream of Bella. Through her music and writings about love, this multitalented musician hopes to touch everyone’s heart. Bella wants her love songs to be as subjectively interpreted from a different point of view as possible—whether the love is manifested in a relationship between men and women, between family members, between man and nature, or man and God. Therefore, she puts all of her heart to create masterpieces with such philosophical meaning.


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